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Recently, the company has received reports from customers and relevant personnel that there are illegal elements using the company's name to carry out fraud activities.It could seriously damaged Legitimate interests of Customers and related personnel. And the image of company were badly affected. Therefore, Bluesail company issued the following statement.


1.Only Blue Sail Medical Co.,Ltd., Blue Sail (Hong Kong) Trading Limited, Shandong Blue Sail Innovation Co.,Ltd., Hangzhou Blue Sail Health Technology Co., Ltd. and Blue Sail (Shanghai) Trading Limited are the trading entities of international trade. Other branches and subsidiaries of Blue Sail Medical Co.,Ltd. do not undertake international trade business.           

The main trading entities of international trade of anti epidemic consumables are produced by Blue Sail Medical Co.,Ltd. and Blue Sail(Hong Kong)Trading Limited. Shandong Blue Sail Innovation Co.,Ltd. also directly undertakes the export business of partial disposable PVC gloves.           


2.The company has not authorized any domestic natural person and organization in China to act as the agent, distributor or intermediary of international trade.          


3.The company has not published international trade advertisement on any electronic or paper self- media and instant messaging media.      


4.Please be aware of any requirement of remittance to a personal account or escrow account is not the official activity of our company. Do not make payment to any account other than Blue Sail Medical Co.,Ltd. and Blue Sail (Hong Kong) Trading Limited. The company will provide bank account information in writing.   


5.Our company is not responsible or liable under any circumstance for any other organization or individual fraudulently uses the name of the blue sail to commit fraud.

To its infringement of Blue sail's legitimate rights and interests, blue sail company will severely investigate and prosecute its legal responsibility. Please take attention to any false information. In case of fraud, please report to the local Public Security Bureau immediately.


Official website:           

International trade email:           

International trade contact number:

North America + 86 0533 7859085;

South America + 86 0533 7871083;

Asia Europe + 86 0533 7871085      

Be Aware and Protect Your Self                             

                                     Blue Sail Medical Co.,Ltd.      

                              Nov 4th, 2020