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trainee style
Student case
  • Jiao Xufeng

    Bluesail has a grand dream, and that dream requires many pillars to support it. Bluesail College has the courage to assume its historic mission. Bluesail College is the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the people of Bluesail, and provides strategic support for building the value of company personnel.

  • Yu Wenjuan

    As a worker who’s been out of school for more than 20 years, I walked into the Bluesail classroom that has helped me to start to get to know myself, to improve myself, to set out on a new journey for my dreams. As long as we sincerely feel the power of our role models, and humbly learn from our role models, we are certain to become the practitioners and agents of Bluesail’s positive energy.

  • Jiang Benzheng

    With Bluesail’s rapid development and expansion, learning to grow and improve ourselves rapidly through Bluesail College has become a duty-bound mission for every manager and worker, and a call to action by our enduring Bluesail.

  • Chen Yan

    Changing ourselves, influencing others, learning all our lives; only by continuing to learn, can we gain more new knowledge, make up for our own shortcomings, and constantly improve our abilities and the quality of our work.