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Bluesail Medical
Bluesail Medical Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as Bluesail (stock code 002382) was founded in 2002 as a China-Hong Kong joint venture enterprise. Bluesail Medical is a leading medical device enterprise with complete layout of low value consumables and high value consumables.The main products of the low-value consumables sector are medical gloves, health protective gloves, first-aid bags, medical dressings and other medical protective products, with the global market share of the main product PVC gloves of 22%.The main products of the high-value consumables sector are cardiovascular products . Its business is operated by Biosensors, and it has business in more than 90 countries around the world, ranking the fourth in the field of cardiovascular products in the world.
Company introduction

  From 2013, Bluesail was looking towards its second decade and its future development path, and has begun to explore its own process of transformation and development and has laid out a clear strategic development plan for the company: based on Bluesail’s own capabilities and inherent potential, Bluesail will expand into new industrial fields with new growth models. The two new development directions for the company are “Health Protection & Health Care,” and one of the goals for Health Protection Development is to become China’s foremost brand in the field of health protection from the king of global PVC glove manufacturers, and. In terms of Health Care, Bluesail will use mergers and acquisitions to enter the medical equipment field and help the company leap from a focus on low-value supplies to high-value supplies. Bluesail will create a platform in the medical equipment industry that will help to build a new industrial chain and business ecology.

  • Healthcare Gloves

  • Healthcare Gloves

Bluesail Medical has established its main production center in Asia and the Greater China region, and has established sales networks covering North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and other regions, and has built partnerships with some of the world’s leading associated firms.
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Group profile

       Bluesail Group is divided into two major business modules, and each Bluesail module is a market leader in its respective industry. For the health care industry, Bluesail Medical (listed company) mainly engages in the production of health and sanitary products, and its core product of PVC gloves has a 22% global market share. The other major arm, Bluesail Chemical (unlisted), is engaged in petrochemicals, chiefly in the production of plasticizers and associated raw materials. Its production capacity of 840,000 tons/year makes it  plasticizer manufacturer in Asia, and it has a China market share of 35%.

      Since 2013, we have been developing to face the future. We have a clear strategic goal of “Towards Building an Enduring Bluesail” and have laid down a solid innovative growth strategy and a grand blueprint for building a bigger, stronger, and elite enterprise that will endure for a hundred years.